How do you facilitate the leap to active participation into the economy for talented young people? How do you invest in people in a way that they will pay-it-forward and reinvest into their communities? How do you enable ambitious young people to become the economic citizens and future business leaders we need to take South Africa forward?


Since opening its doors in 2004 TSIBA has always offered an innovative approach to accessing and financing quality business education. In addition to providing accredited qualifications to bridge the gap between secondary school and tertiary studies, the unique TSIBA scholarship model has enabled our undergraduate students to pay at relative levels of affordability, removing financial barriers to tertiary education. This is social justice in action and a deeply held commitment of TSIBA.

Access to education is however an entry point only. Inside TSIBA, our approach is to hold education as a catalyst for the best of what people can be. The core subjects which underpin excellent business education are necessary and provided in full here. But they are not sufficient.

TSIBA goes beyond by placing attitude, leadership and entrepreneurship as credit bearing subjects at the heart of all of our curricula. All graduates of TSIBA have deeply explored the questions of what is my work, what is success, and how do I add value. These are the questions we all must answer. The answers build each of our own unique stories and they build our citizenship. When this is achieved the outcomes are profound, especially in the communities where TSIBA proudly has its roots.

“During my journey in the TSIBA curriculum, I grew to know myself better. Because at its core, TSIBA allows us to know ourselves better so that we can navigate the world better and with that we can make a powerful impact“
Cebisa Mahluwana (2009 bba graduate)