The Garage


THE GARAGE is TSIBA’s human-centred incubation hub. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs add value, achieve success, acquire customers, create employment and build sustainable businesses. We work with the common purpose of helping entrepreneurs, young, and not-so-young, Start-Up, Stay-Up & Scale-Up towards the transformation of South African society.  

The TSIBA GARAGE uses Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies. 

Due to a vast range of challenges entrepreneurs often struggle to transform themselves from survivalist enterprises to sustainable and scalable businesses.  This gap is often referred to as the ‘Chasm’, and is a difficult challenge to navigate without professional, experienced and determined assistance The chasm to which we refer is often referred to as a ‘Valley of Death’ as it is often the period in which great business ideas are not converted, and often end at the idea, concept or pilot stage of their development

The GARAGE helps entrepreneurs to bridge this ‘valley of death’ with a variety of tested interventions, and a mentoring process which validates and accelerates business ideas and operations through to profitability and sustainability. 

Helping start-up and young enterprises is what we do, our passion, and our contribution to building a better society. 

Our Community