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"TSIBA House", our new Campus is located in a quiet panhandle near the trendy Woodstock business district in Cape Town.This campaign aims to raise funding towards our new home, and ultimately towards creating a campus which enables our investment in the ambitious young people who will take South Africa forward.

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Your philanthropy enables our investment in TSIBA students, the ambitious, purpose driven young people and emerging businesses who want to take South Africa forward. TSIBA is passionate about the transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be, and your enables us to realize this.

B-BBEE Partnerships

Partner with:

  • TSIBA Business School
  • TSIBA Educaiton Trust
  • TSIBA Ignition Academy.



Host or hire a talent

Skills development and practical work experience are essential elements in the curricula of the courses designed and delivered by TSIBA Business School and TSIBA Ignition Academy.  This is why we have placed great emphasis on experiential training and Industry Practical Projects (IPJ) that students and learners are required to complete before successfully completing their qualification.

You can enhance the experience of TSIBA students by hosting internships and learnerships or hiring our talent.

Mentor or Lecture our Students

From TSIBA’s very beginning, volunteer lecturers, tutors, mentors and hosting employers created a collaborative link between TSIBA and active industry.

TSIBA business qualifications have been designed to offer students exposure to current industry experts into different business fields.  Engaging and networking with our volunteers give TSIBA students a competitive edge when entering the workforce.

The TSIBA House Story


In a key milestone for TSIBA, the lease to TSIBA House, our new premises, was signed on September 18 2019. Our "Road to Woodstock" campaign is now official, and our new address from January 2020 will be 4 Treaty Road, Woodstock.