Your philanthropy enables our investment in TSIBA students, the ambitious, purpose driven young people and emerging businesses who will take South Africa forward. TSIBA is passionate about the transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be, and your support enables us to realize this.

Over 90% of TSIBA degree graduates are employed or pursuing post-graduate studies. This is a profound transition for most of our students, and especially those who have emerged from under-served communities where unemployment remains excessively high. The transition to economic citizenship through quality tertiary business education changes lives, families and communities, and ultimately it changes the trajectory of South Africa.

Philanthropy funding can be made to scholarships, projects or student living allowances at amounts which philanthropy partners may wish to contribute. Funding partners who contribute R 100 000 or a greater amount will be displayed on the TSIBA Majors Donors Legacy Wall on Campus.

Section 18A Tax Certificates are provided for all donations made to TSIBA.