Leave a Legacy


Education has an incredible multiplier effect, providing returns for generations. Your support to TSIBA House, our new Campus makes this possible.

TSIBA has invested successfully in educating ambitious young people since 2004. This vision started in a blanket factory in Mowbray (between 2004-2005), moved to an outdated training facility in Pinelands (between 2006-2019), and in January 2020 will move to a new fit-for-purpose campus in Woodstock, Cape Town.

This campus will offer the latest facilities and IT infrastructure for our students and our staff and a business incubation hub (The Garage) which will continue offering entrepreneurs opportunities to build sustainable businesses and create employment.

Our new campus will also honor our determination that while students at TSIBA pay only what they can afford, they deserve and should receive a world-class and rewarding business education.

This campaign aims to raise funding towards our new home, and ultimately towards creating a campus which enables our investment in the ambitious young people who will take South Africa forward.

Funding options include: R 500 for a listing in our Annual Report, R 5000 for a TSIBA Gemstone at TSIBA House, or any other amount that you may wish to contribute. Long-term or larger Funding Partners who contribute R 100 000 or more will be displayed on the TSIBA Major Donors Legacy Wall prominent at TSIBA House.

Section 18A Tax Certificates are provided for all donations made to TSIBA.