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We offer various accredited and non-accredited vocational and professional training solutions to our Corporate Partners.

TSIBA Ignition Academy uses a curriculum development model that focuses on developing the learner holistically. To achieve this, we use a combination of a process centered approach which focuses on learner development and a product centered approach which is results-oriented.

Our learner centered approach to developing the learner is entrenched in our leadership and self-development training which is a cornerstone of each learning programme run whether face to face or online. This allows us to create an environment that not only exposes the learners to real-life issues but develops skills that are transferable to the real world. Learners have access to mentors and where such an opportunity is not available, mechanisms for engaging and finding mentors are shared.

Our results-oriented approach focuses on an outcomes-based curriculum that aligns with registered qualifications. We use a combination of formal and informal assessments to ignite different styles of learning. Our formal assessment strategies include classroom-based formative assessments and integrated summative assessments that may include work-based evidence collection or naturally occurring evidence. Our informal assessment strategies focus on engaging different types of learners through games and activities that stimulate creativity and innovation.


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