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Our holistic model of academically sound business training and capacitation, supported by mentorship expertise, access to market and financial network partners has proven an invaluable platform from which to build Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes for our partners. 

For us entrepreneurship is a form of living leadership in the world. In all of our entrepreneurial programmes we are always mindful of the personal journey of the business owner and self-development is addressed in parallel to skills and knowledge gaps.

We engage with businesses across the economic spectrum from survivalist- to growth stage businesses and co-create solutions based on the following baseline structures:


ESD Programmes

The Business Igniter

This community enterprise development initiative is aimed at sparking entrepreneurial thinking in underserved communities. The programme provides entry level business development support in strategy, marketing and finance to micro- and survivalist entrepreneurs.

Business Essentials

The Business Essentials programme enables qualifying participating businesses (either existing suppliers or prospective suppliers) to revisit their systems and processes and facilitates meaningful supply chain development. Through a holistic approach, we aim to set participants up for success and for independently driving their businesses forward with sustainable operating models.

Next Level

The Next Level programme is an intensive 6-8 month programme specifically aimed at capacitating C-suite leaders that want to gear up their businesses. Next Level Growth focuses on the Theory of Change and it includes training in design thinking and innovation practice. Please click on the logo below to learn more about our flagship programme LevelUp – an example of a bespoke ‘Next Level’ implementation. 


What Our Friends Say

Over the past 6 months our business has gone from servicing 200 clients to over 300 clients. The journey we walked with TSIBA Ignition Academy stretched our minds with a deeper understanding of financial costing, marketing ideas, understanding the importance of personal wellness and so much more! The word Ignition has new meaning to me since I began the project.

Bealah Jacobs

JM Fitment (Business Essentials Alumni)

It’s been a great pleasure being on this programme it really assisted me in better understanding our business especially the financial part of it.The programme has shown me how to effectively manage our finances and what to look for in our financial reports and the systems that needs to be in place to manage.

Tarin Solomon

Dessies Gas and Welding (Business Essentials Alumni)

Thank you to TSIBA and De Beers Marine for hosting me during the last 6 months at the TSIBA Ignition Academy Business Essentials program. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my testimonial. My experience with the program has been nothing short of amazing. Despite the remote nature of the program, it exceeded all my expectations. The topics covered were not only insightful but also directly relevant to my business. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team for their utmost professionalism and diligence throughout the program. What truly stood out was how well the program understood the entrepreneurial lifestyle and tailored its approach accordingly.

Rashieda Panday

Seconds for Good (Business Essentials Alumni)

“…My experience with the team was life changing for me personally as a coach and my coaching practice as a business, I’ve always known that I wanted to help young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals of owning and running successful businesses. I called myself an Advocate for Black Economic Success and I intend to do so for the longest time. This programme helped me to realise this dream. The past 6 months has proven to me that I truly like to grow winners, I unleash the SMEs potential by keeping them accountable, encouraging and supporting them,  and teaching them fundamentals of becoming successful business owners personally and business wise. Through my knowledge and passion in business turnaround strategies, one has had to help free imprisoned minds. I am grateful to the programme sponsors and TSiBA Ignition Academy for partnering with me to achieve our goals…”

Mantombi Mmutlane

Programme coach & consortium project manager



Connect2Grow at TSIBA is our solution to building agency in the entrepreneurship space by creating powerful connections, solving problems, and building successful businesses through mentorship and self-development. It is a virtual mentorship programme that will connect mentors from a variety of industries with alumni and current entrepreneurial students from TSIBA Business School, as well as the growing network of approximately 90 small businesses that TSIBA Ignition Academy has supported on Enterprise Development Programmes since 2019. 

It’s to be an easy-to-use web and cellular app based service, integrated into our website and provided at no-cost, that connects entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors so they can solve problems and build businesses together.

Are you keen to join our growing Connect2Grow community?



At TSIBA Ignition Academy, we recognise the value and importance of creating supportive and structured environments that will help foster meaningful connections and facilitate valuable learning experiences. Our passion for entrepreneurship, leadership, and self-development has led to the conceptualisation, build and launch of our mentorship platform. ‘MentorXchnge’ is able to accommodate many mentorship programmes, such as our entrepreneur focused programme Connect2Grow. We are able to build and customise a mentorship programme for you and your company that will meet your mentorship needs, objectives and desired structure.