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The success of our programmes would not be attainable without individuals, organisations and corporates who share in our vision and mission. TSIBA Ignition Academy is one half of the magic, we are open to any and all discussions with organisations and corporates who are interested in funding an impact project, collaborating or partnering with us to meet your company’s strategic objectives.

I am a Mentor/Subject Matter Expert
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At TSIBA Ignition Academy, we recognise that mentors play a crucial role in supporting and guiding small businesses not just in our community of business alumni, but in South Africa as a whole. This is why we have created MentorXChnge at TSIBA, a virtual mentorship programme that will connect mentors from a variety of industries with alumni and current entrepreneurial students from TSIBA Business School, as well as the growing network of approximately 90 small businesses that TSIBA Ignition Academy has supported on Enterprise Development Programmes since 2019.

I am a Prospective Student
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If you are a prospective learner looking to empower and upskill yourself, our Skills development and Training team would love to connect with you.

I am an Entrepreneur
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Entrepreneurship is at the heart of who we are and why we do what we do. Outside of our ESD programmes, we also run a mentorship programme. If you’d love to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, please leave your details below.